Themed RSS

The National Archives have done a very cool thing. They have created a page for their users that shows, in one place, all the RSS feeds that they know about (from themselves and others) about a particular subject. The cool bit is that they have done it through a third party service, which is simple, free (for now anyway!) and just really does the job well. It’s an aggregator that you can personalise, and the NA page is branded with their logo. The page, called a Universe, is for history and family history enthusiasts. It shows everything that is new at The National Archives along with many other things they think you’ll find interesting. Obviously, as its RSS it’s always up to date.

Netvibes is “a free, third-party service that allows you to create a personalised web page bringing content, such as news feeds, together from many different places on the web. Setting up an account is not required, but it is quick and easy and then all of your settings will be remembered.”

Offering ways for individuals to personalise a homepage with RSS and web content etc is not new but I have not seen this kind of thing pitched at publishers before.