Free Books

Chris Anderson is at it as well – writing books and giving them away online. I love this guy, it feeds all my preoccupation with the need for freedom of data, in my case, the preoccupation is in terms of cultural data.

His plans are to give the book away online free but you will get ads on the pages. If you don’t like the ads you can buy the virgin book in the usual way. He’s also playing with the idea of giving away a free copy of the book as an audio book if you buy a physical copy. You’ll get a special code you go online to log in and download.

The book is due to be finished by mid-2008 and here are some of the subtitles he’s been “kicking around”:

1) FREE: The story of a radical price (zero)
2) FREE: How $0.00 changed the world
3) FREE: How companies get rich by charging nothing
4) FREE: The economics of abundance and the marketplace without money
5) FREE: The past and future of a radical price.

I especially like numbers three and four best, you can read more on his blog.

Unlike what Charles Leadbeater is doing, he is not asking people to help him write/rewrite but for me it is part of the same idea set.