Future Gazing 3: The Machine is Us/ing Us

The third of the future gazing videos that I have come across on the web that are quite media savvy and polished in their crystal ball gazing.

What I really like about this is the way is looks at how the online world changes both content and context.

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Technology at its best … Seadragon and Photosynth

This is great, it is probably one of the most exciting demos of software that I have ever seen. It allows for possibilities and applications that are really at the heart of what is good about web2 and social communities.

I’d love to see this taken on board by all the tourist boards all over the world … and you could do it now, with what is already in Flickr for the British Musuem’s great court. Wonderful.

Watch this video.

Moo sticker books

Although not usually in favour of blatant advertising, these are just the best sticker books. I was given one free at the recent dconstruct conference in Brighton, but to order your own they only cost £4.99 for a little book of 90 stickers from all your own pictures and you can upload from flickr or your own files. For me they are the nicest, most fun, immediate, cheap way to go something in the real world with all your digital stuff. What a great idea for museum collections? They really are good, really. I think I’ve said that enough now, going to go and buy some.

Moo Sticker Book

100 times further than the sun

Did you know that Voyager is now 100 times further away from us than the sun? That is incredible. A human made object thrown deep into space for thirty years and still going. The BBC did a lovely piece on it with a wonderfully enthusiastic scientist.

You can find out about the mission from the NASA site and the iconic gold disc that is full of the images, sounds and texts that were chosen to represent our world. Interesting, all the images are copyrighted, so no room for creative commons licensing in space. Aliens beware.