web 2.0 is dead?

Anthony Lilley is at it again in the Guardian with a great article about the semantic web and where all this web2 hype is taking us.

He cites a quote from Jason Calacanis blog: “Web 3.0 is the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform. Web 3.0 throttles the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ from turning into the ‘madness of the mobs’ we’ve seen all too often, by balancing it with a respect of experts.”

This sums it up for me and in it is some good news for the cultural sector who are awash with experts. In the rebuilding of the 24 Hour Museum we are working to retain the sense of authority that we have in our content and make sure that this comes through to readers as a source they can trust.

Web 2.0 is certainly not dead yet but it is evolving, as always.

Paul Miller on his blog shares his views about the article and like me, is keen to watch the space between the web 2.0 / web 3.0 polarisation.

He agrees in particular what I think is a very well put point:

“The reliability of content and an understanding of the wider context in which content sits are rising in importance on the web and taking their place alongside the wondrous power of group communication, especially as more and more people join the party.”

For me, I don’ think web 2.0 is dead and I’m not sure that the money has fallen out of the bottom of it – yet. I do feel sure thought, that it will evolve and that intelligent searching and the context of content (and how it effects it meaning) will be part of it.