Creative Industries – £10m Call for Collaborative Research

On 30th January details about the £10m call for collaborative research projects, targeted specifically at the creative industries, will be announced and the competition formally launched. Full details about the call and how to apply will be posted on the technology programme website.

Objectives: In recognition of the importance of technology to the sector, as both an enabler and potential disrupter, the aim of the call is to stimulate technology based or inspired innovation. The call is looking for projects that will lead to the development of new products, processes, capabilities and services or improve the competitive advantages of existing ones.

Target Audience: The call is open to collaborative projects between UK based companies; and companies and universities/ other research organisations. The overall theme will centre on the exploitation of digital technologies and has been designed to appeal broadly across the creative industry sub sectors, and includes specific mechanisms to encourage participation of small companies.

For more information and to register for the workshops and or information launch, go to

One thought on “Creative Industries – £10m Call for Collaborative Research

  1. Hi Jane

    This is really great news. I am working for CC consulting right now and I am learning so much about the creative industry.

    Did you know the UK has the largest creative industry in Europe? I never did. Based on your site and your About Me I assume you know these things. My point though is that the UK has a lot to offer and it is good to see the government getting involved in enhancing and supporting the industry.

    My current client Creative Connexions ( has launched offices in London (obviously), China and India to help creatives in the UK connect with businesses in China and India that need British creatives.

    It is an excellent opportunity I think for everyone to win. If you have not heard of them I would say check them out.

    I will drop by tomorrow and hopefully we can get this conversation going :))

    Kind regards
    Roger Kondrat
    MD, West17 Media

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