Twitter account and followers for sale on eBay

There is a guy on Twitter called Andrew Barron who is selling his twitter account, with its 1,395 followers, on eBay. Andrew is an interesting guy, in just a few minutes of web searching having found this lovely story on Twitter, I discovered he is the creator of Rocketboom, a daily vlog, a blogger and gets his own wikipedia entry, busy man.

The auction ends on 22nd April and already there are over 34 bids and a price of over $1,200.

These is a lot of debate on his twitter account about what he is doing and some people seem to feel that he is betraying the twitter community. Hmmm, not sure I agree here. It is certainly getting people thinking about what it all means, which I love and it is also getting him a lot more followers in Twitter (including me).

Am I condoning his exploitation by following him? Hey who knows, but I am keen to know if he goes through with it and what we will do with the cash…