Poet Andrew Motion to chair MLA

What great news, Poet Laureate and Professor of Creative Writing Andrew Motion has been selected to be the new chair for the new MLA (Museum, Library and Archive Council)

This has got to be a good thing that signifies a recognition of the need for the organisation to more closer to the kind of innovation, passion and creativity that is the domain of those who create and curate.

He says Bout himself on his website “I see myself as a town crier, can-opener and flag-waver for poetry as well as wanting to write poems about various events that seem suitable to me”

He was appointed Poet Laureate in May 1999 and has done a lot to raise awareness of poetry through school and festival visits and improve assess to work online through the The Poetry Archive which he co-founded – a web-based collection of poets reading their work.

“Part of my interpretation of the role is to demystify it and prove that no matter how sophisticated the language, poetry latches on to very primitive human pleasures of reflection and association – which we forget as we grow older at our peril.”

His appointment comes at the same time as Culture Minister Margaret Hodge announces plans to strengthen DCMS engagement in regional policy through a new, simplified and improved way of working.

This basically means (finally) “For the first time, the Department’s four key agencies in the regions – Arts Council England, Sport England, English Heritage and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council – will have a duty to work together to jointly deliver a core set of shared priorities across the culture and sport agenda.”

I feel certain that Andrew appointment, and the fact that he was previously a member of Arts Council England and Chair of the ACE Literature Panel, will be a great help in making sure this new shared agenda and duty has any hope of being a reality.

Well done MLA.