Experimenting with iGoogle

Before Christmas we went live with a simple iGoogle gadget full of stories from the 24 Hour Museum website. The first cultural iGoogle gadget of its kind (correct me if I am wrong).

It looks like this (below) and will change branding as the new Culture24 site goes live (next week, 11th Feb, yes really …).

Am interested in how this kind of ubiquitous gadget might help to get the message about great culture being free and a good idea in planning what you might do if you are skint.


On that theme, loved the Science Museum recent late night ‘adult only’ opening. Read more from the Evening Standard here.

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with iGoogle

  1. Difficult to tell at the moment as the URL switchover is happening at the same time but will be keeing an eye on it and let you know.


  2. Hello Jane

    Yes – we noticed your gadget and have added it to our iGoogle pages. It’s nice to be able to see what’s going on in our iGoogle dashboards without having to go on the site. Lovely to see our new Ancient Egypt Galleries on there as well 😉

    Has that affected how people visit your site, and have you had much uptake?

    Good luck with the launch
    Best wishes

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