Andy Burnham, Boogie Woogie, HMS Belfast and Museums at Night

I had never been on board a destroyer until last week when we hosted the launch of the first Culture24 Museums at Night campaign on board HMS Belfast. What a great venue that is. Nestled right up next to Tower Bridge, across the water from the Tower of London, flags flapping in the breeze, shiny brass everywhere and an awe-inspiring array of gun desks.


We picked HMS Belfast to launch the event to our crowd of museum, arts and government VIP’s because they are one of the 150 venues that are taking part this year. Their specific offering is called ‘Battleship Boogie‘ and is an evening of live jive dancing. As part of our launch event we staged a sneek preview of the daning for our guests with live DJing from Jeff Duck from Two Tone Boogie (he also does a seriously mean jive in his wheelchair).

Dancers and Geoff

Thanks to the excellent photographic skills of Charlotte Macpherson we also managed to get some fabulous publicity shot to give to press.


In fact it all come together to be really good event, with a few words from our chairman John Newbigin and the lovely Andy Burnham, ever the genuine enthusiast and museum lover. Thanks to both of them for their kind words of support. You can see excerpts of the speeches on YouTube.

John and Andy

It is not to late to check out what is happening near your this weekend and go along. If you do, don’t forget to take your own pictures and upload them to our Flickr group.

Finally, need to mention the smooth and mellow live jazz care of Jim Howard and the perfect summer sunset care of mother nature. The ideal backdrop for a Culture24 team photo.

C24 team