Culture24 become official cultural data provider to the BBC

ITs really exciting to be able to announce that Culture24 have become the “official cultural data provider to the BBC”. This is a really exciting three-year data-sharing partnership that will open up a channel from the Culture24 database of activities from over 4,500 cultural venues to the BBC’s vast online audience, putting arts and heritage activities data at the heart of the BBC website. Audiences, inspired by BBC broadcasts, will benefit by being able to find related ‘real world’ activities quickly and easily.

This is a key milestone in our plans to provide a central aggregation service for the cultural sector – something that is long overdue. I am convincec that the availability of quality cultural data will play a key part in the sectors ability to engage audiences online in ways that are low cost and high impact. Crucially, at a time of much austerity this collaboration increases cultural venues’ reach and profile without increasing workloads or costs.

As well as sharing our data with the BBC, Culture24 is also supporting a range of national, local, commercial and educational services including: NCT, Art Fund, Tourism South East, Engaging Places, Technology Strategy Board, Museums in Cornwall and Hewlett Packard. Of course our data also supports and reaches over 3.5 million individual visitors a year via our own websites and services!

Moving forward, more than 3,500 libraries are also being invited to join the Culture24 network and will benefit from this new initiative. Full details can be found at

It’s taken us nearly two years to negotiate this deal and we are very excited about its potential, particularly as we try and move towards greater cross sector working and digital collaboration.