In case you missed this acronymn GLAM stands for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums and has got to be my favourite way to describe our sector….

This two day event at the British Musuems brigns together the Wikimedia community and GLAM sector for the first WIKI of its kind in the UK. Blogger and author Cory Doctorow will open the conference on Friday November 26th with a presentation provocatively entitled “Being a beloved institution will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of being an irrelevant one”.

Tom Morgan, Head of Rights and Reproductions at the National Portrait Gallery will also for the first time express the NPG perspective on the conflicts that erupted between his organisations and Wikimedia last year. His talk is suitably entitled “Wikipedia and the National Portrait Gallery – A bad first date? A perspective on the developing relationship between Wikipedia and cultural heritage organisations”.

The evening of Friday 26th will see a lecture given by Kenneth Crews, Director of the Copyright Advisory office of Columbia University. Following this presentation will be responses and discussion of the issues raised by a really interesteing panel including: director of DACS Gilane Tawadros; Director of Europeana Jill Cousins; Head of Digital at the BFI Paula Le Dieu; Presenter of BBC’s Digital Planet Bill Thompson.

Over the two days of the event there will have presentations by a variety of GLAM institutions from five European countries about how they are working with Wikipedia. I will be doing my own sesssion on Friday afternoon about the opportunites for smaller GLAM venues.

For more information about the conference