Mobile for the Culture Sector

Interesting two days hearing from a mix of commercial and cultural players working on mobile services/products.

The event took place in the fab Ravensbourne college next to the O2 and was organized by Culturelabel and Camerjam who managed, I thought, to get just the right feel for the event – not too formal, slightly playful and (mostly) well structured.

There were some good presentations, in particular in the two keynotes from Jonathan MacDonald and Alan Moore.

Alan had the two best takeaway phrases:

1. “No more online or offline, just blended reality”
Indeed and there are big challenges for us as individuals and I personally have mixed emotions about it all. Whilst I love my new ipad-iphone-fourquare-facebook-sms-layer-iplayer-gaming-life, I am often unable to disconnect from the network that is my life to the detriment of my stress levels.

2. “This is a social revolution, not technical”
So obvious, but so true. Thinking about this also helps you to put people first. To consider how technologies genuinely allow us to do things differently – learn, play, communicate, work. You see this everywhere in people’s lives but in particular kids who just accept all the technology without question, expecting it all to link up, be online, be free, be open, all the time.

He talked about the vital relationship between the systems/platforms/data and the communities of interest/personalization/engagement. Plus the need to design for: ecosystems, platforms, participation, value creation, mass customisation, communities of interest, commerce. His slides on these issues were very good and available on his blog.

Jonathan’s talk left me with two profound observations:

1. The need to differentiate between tactics and strategy – between the how and the why.
So if you are not clear what you are doing (specifically) and who it is for (specifically), then how do you know the best way to ‘do’ it. I would like to take this idea and tattoo it on my face and inject in into the brains of everyone who things they have strategy creation as part of their job.

2. Courage
Courage to fail. Courage to admit you are failing, courage to embrace a culture where failing is okay. Yes, yes, yes.

I would also like to add:
– Courage to lead a collaboration
– Courage to agree to collaborate
– Courage to say no (I don’t want to collaborate with you)
– Courage to share your failures
– Courage to get real about your successes and what is really working well and its real impact
– Courage to admit that there is a lack of strategy
– Courage to admit that you don’t know what you are really trying to do with your website/social media channel/app

He also said that “how we suffer depends on how we are structured” which is worth reflecting on as the Director of a small, slightly maverick organisation with its own set of problems, that at least we don’t have the bureaucracies of a large institution

Ed Vaizey also made an appearance with a pre-recorded video. Nice.

BUT …… my personal highlight was the Biggar Augmented Reality art work by artist Sander Weenhof.
This is the biggest AR sculpture in the world and involved wrapping the earth in 7,463,185,678 cubes. Once you have downloaded the layer you can see the cubes everywhere you go. They are always there and always on and if you want to play god, you can even change their colour. A brilliantly beautiful idea, simple and thought-provoking with endless fun. I recommend downloading it and looking at the cubes whenever you are bored in a meeting or event. They will be there to take your mind to another place.

Here are some shots of Sander making his presentaion with the blogs in the room …

… and again, in my office today.

Last but not least, watch out for Culture24 going mobile soon.
: )

6 thoughts on “Mobile for the Culture Sector

  1. I really like the idea expressed by one of your commentors re the seperating myself from technology for a day – I do feel like a slave to technology ! surely it was meant to be the other way around – George Orwell was not to far from the truth in 1984 !

  2. Thanks Jane – Alan and Jonathan’s talks were also the most useful for me – not as someone from a cultural institution, but as someone who works with a few.

    Starting to rethink our approach – not just to galleries and arts organisations – but to everyone and everything. A profound experience and big thanks to the organisers.

  3. Re. the point about disconnecting from the network – at the moment I try to have one computer-free day per week. Not sure how long I will be able to keep it up (without a smartphone it’s easy, if I were to get one it would be another matter), but for the moment it’s a highlight of the week. I also think there’s a lot to be said for getting out into nature regularly, as far away from a three pin socket or wifi network as possible.

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