A provocation: Are you COPEing* with digital?

*Create Once and Publish Everywhere

If digital cultural assets were food, we would all be eating a very restricted diet full of ingredients that were difficult to know how to cook, were often not ripe and were hard to digest.  If only we could be the spice, the substance, the flavour necessary for anything delicious. The fundamental ingredient that could be reused in different recipes, with a host of different results, in a million kitchens.

Why is our digital stuff so often lost in the vast ocean that is the google search results?  It is out there somewhere, tumbling in the raging SEO surf, only visible every now and then as the shifting tides of user behaviour wash on the shores of our ever increasing time online.   How can we hope to COPE as cultural institutions with this digital landscape that is so changeable and where the taste of our own creativity is drowned by the dominant flavours of the big brands?  To COPE better (Create Once and Publish Everywhere), what would that actually be like?


COPEing is a simple idea where you separate the process of creating digital content from the specifics of how it might be delivered.  This means that those inside an organisation create digital content that is capable of being repurposed in different ways by others and is created to be fit for that purpose both editorially and technically. You might say that this is a bit like being able to offer up your home-grown, handpicked organic strawberries to the best pâtissier in every city to conjure a dessert heaven…

But, enough of the metaphors, I want to ask you a direct question:  Is your institution’s content fit for purpose? What I mean by this is, can you define a specific clarity of purpose and a desired audience response and look yourself in the eye and say “yes, I have what is needed for this.”  Are your digital assets ready to be shared, searched and found? Are you curating and publishing in ways that directly address a genuine audience demand, not just your own supply need? Is your content responsive to mobile and are your staff ready to respond to your audience?

If you are not sure about any of this, then either join me for an open session in Bristol at the No Boundaries conference next Tuesday 25th of February 2014, or message me here/on twitter to share your story and cry together over our spilt milk!