Tate’s first public call for participation in Flickr

For the first time, Tate is inviting members of the public to contribute to the content of an exhibition. About How We Are Now

The only restrictions are a max of four per group and all photograph must be taken in the United Kingdom and illustrate and be tagged with one of the four themes of the exhibition: portrait, landscape, still life, documentary.

The group’s photographs will be displayed on screens as part of the exhibition at Tate Britain and will also be posted and shared on the exhibition website at Tate Online and on the website of the exhibition (The Observer).

In the final weeks of the exhibition, 40 photographs — 10 from each of the four themes — will be chosen by Tate to form the final display in the gallery through August. A panel of curators, artists, photographers and others will select the final 40 photographs. The final 40 photographs will also be archived on Tate Online as part of the exhibition’s website.